To facilitate trade and investment that strengthens local economies and fosters a spirit of harmony, social and economic justice in the international community, creating a society for the greater good of all humanity.

our focus and objectives in support of the
chamber of the americas

trade missions:

A key function of the Chamber of the Americas is for its members and nonmembers to attend trade missions and experience firsthand the facilitation of trade and investment that await them throughout the Western Hemisphere. The trade missions also play an important role in supporting and strengthening local economies.

In addition, attendees have the opportunity to establish international business relationships and gain access to national and regional leaders in both the public and private sectors.

executive forums:

The Chamber of the Americas holds monthly executive forums that comprise speakers from a wide variety of sectors within the global marketplace, including business, government, media, and those involved in the economic and social systems. These speakers include diplomats, high-ranking political officials, experts in international trade and investment, successful entrepreneurs and more. Forum topics educate, stimulate and inspire.

seminars and conferences:

Focused educational seminars and conferences to explore opportunities in trade, investment and other business pursuits throughout westewrn hemisph & beyond.


  • Grant proposals with specific focus and objectives in support of certain projects.
  • Expanded exposure and opportunity through joint fundraising with nonprofits and NGOs.
  • Innovative road shows to create greater awareness through motivating talks in various sectors.
  • Cause-Related Marketing: A Strategic Relationship between the Chamber and a business, where each offers their Brand Value for Mutual Benefit. The result is a Powerful Public Relations Marketing and Promotional Program that Supports the Chamber and the Business.

Cultural, networking, and social

Outreach to the greater business community in creating a better world though global endeavors.

Chamber of the americas/COTA Foundation

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